Back-end developer and WordPress enthusiast from Jyväskylä, Finland. Timi works at boutique digital agency Digitoimisto Dude building highly customised web services and is cycling advocate at Jyväskylän Pyöräilyseura JYPS.

He is also founder and co-host of first finnish WordPress podcast, WPJKL Meetup co-organiser, WordCamp organiser and general all-around-dude in WordPress community. Outside of WordPress bubble Timi spends his time riding a bicycle, organising races or speaking about cycling. Timi is part of cycling advocacy collective kaupunkifillari.fi and active both in local cycling club and nationwide advocacy federation. Oh, and beer tastes good after all these activities.




Yeah, I listen a lot of podcasts. To be exact, 10 days and 18 hours since March 2016. Currently 24 unplayed episodes.


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